Instagram: Shadow Ban

Are you a marketer or an influencer on social media? Have you noticed a decrease in your level of engagement? You may be a victim ofshadow ban from instagram. 

What it is?

Your account has been put on Instagram’s “naughty list.” The Shadowban makes your account invisible and inhibits your ability to reach new people. When this happens, your images will no longer appear in the hashtags you’ve used causing your level of engagement to decrease. Your posts will still be seen by your current followers; but to anyone else they don’t exist.

Potential Causes?

  • Using broken / banned #hashtags
  • Abusing Instagrams Limits
  • Automated Software
  • Reported by other users

Reason for being banned:

Once you make your account on instagram you are agreeing to their terms & conditions. This means, Instagram has the authority to take down any page they feel violates their policy. However, most users never read these set of rules until something like this happens.

According to Instagram’s Terms & Conditions (“platform policy” sec. A2) shows a list of actions that are unauthorized.

Instagram Policy 

5 ways to avoid shadow ban:

  1. (Stop using Instagram 2-5 days)
  2.  Research the #hashtag before using them
  3.  Don’t exceed instagrams hourly limits (140 likes, 30 comments, 30 follow/unfollow) *varies on your account*
  4.  Do not use Automated Software

Unlike other social media platforms, it is clear that Instagram is not a huge fan of automated software. Their team has been shutting down sites like Instagress , Mass Planner , Archie.Co & many more to prevent bots from taking control.

Make sure you check Authorized Applications to see all 3rd party apps connected to your account.

Shadow ban 2.png
Revoke any access to sites / apps that you don’t recognize

5. Be authentic. Provide Value & Transparency

When others have a better understanding of who you are, they will listen to you. Be authentic, show them whoo you really are instead of what they want to hear.


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