Building a Personal Brand: Is it worth it?


Society has definitely came a long way. But as time continues to progress it’s way into the future, the only way for us to keep up is to move with the trends. So what’s trending right now? This year, the number of people creating personal brands have skyrocketed. People such as Gary Vaynerchuk and many other influencers have made a huge impact in the community lately! Sparking young entrepreneurs to rise, 15 year old Casey Adams shows us that anything is possible. Time’s have changed, you don’t have to be in your 20’s or 30’s with a degree to start a business or even become a published author. If you want to make a difference in your life, you have got to make the decision now and stop holding yourself back.

What is a Personal Brand?

It is anything you want it to be ! However, a common mistake made when creating a personal brand is that some are not authentic with their content. Keep this in mind “Practice what you preach.” If you don’t believe in the content you are putting out then find something you are truly passionate about.

Why is it important to create a Personal Brand?

  1. Build better relationships w/ people
    • People trust people not companies
  2. Meet like minded individuals
    • Collaborations
    • Partnerships
    • Invitations to events
  3. Gives your name LEVERAGE 
    • Become more employable
    • Become a public figure
    • Build a Legacy

Why I Created WinWithEO?

Like everyone else I have my dreams an aspirations in life. As society continues to apply pressure in our lives, we become distracted and find it harder to fulfill our destiny. Our hopes and dreams become a fantasy, living a life we never wanted in the first place. The moment we are born, society begins to test our ability to thrive in a forever changing world. But as the world changes, there is one belief that we all have in common regardless of who you are. At an early age, we are told the biggest lie

“go to school, get a well paying job/career & live a happy life when you retire”  

There is nothing wrong with this system! In fact, many people live happy productive lives following it. But is it really the lifestyle for everyone to follow? The biggest misconception is thinking that there is only one way to succeed. You have got to OPEN YOUR EYES! For many years, this system was the only one I knew. Until I realized that there is so much more to life than what is expected by the majority.

After graduating high school, I questioned what my true purpose in life was. I encountered various levels of success and failures, and in doing so my outlook on life continues to expand. I hold a strong belief that we live in an era where we can no longer wait for opportunities, but instead learn to create them for ourselves. This is why I created my personal brand. I want to make a difference in society! I wan’t to inspire men & women of all ages to empower their ideas and expose their creativity! I wan’t to motivate the younger generation to think big and work smarter!

I believe that we all have story to tell! Create a personal brand and help others today



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