Overthinking – The key to being “UNSUCCESSFUL”

No matter what it is you’re trying to accomplish, overthinking will disrupt all your chances of succeeding…

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When you overthink, you are stuck in a place I like to call the “dead zone.” This is where all of your thoughts & ideas lay to rest because you weren’t able to make the decision of executing. We give birth to thoughts and ideas that are unreal, distracting ourselves from what is actually important. And that’s what causes us to loose focus.

It distract us from our goals & ambitions but it also causes a lot of stress towards our mental health. And I can rest assure no-one likes feeling stressed out, Do you agree?

If you like watching sports, pay close attention to how atheletes make decisions under pressure. Notice that majority of them choke and only a few can make those necessary adjustments. I am a huge  Seattle Seahawks fan but despite the devastating lost we encountered during Super Bowl XLIX there is a lot that can be taken from that game. From the very first play to the very end, both teams competed. It was during the fourth quarter with 0:26 seconds left to play, Seattle was down by just four points; then a quick pass was thrown by Russel Wilson (QB) to Ricardo Lockett (WR) on a slant route and… well you know what happens. A tremendous play by Malcom Butler (CB), an un-drafted rookie who did everything he was supposed to without any hesitation lead his team to their fifth Super Bowl victory.

The Seahawks are a phenomenal team, but it was during that time that overthinking their situation affected their chances of winning. Each member of the offense during that play had qual contribution to the outcome, including the head coach and the offensive coordinator. Knowing they had Marshawn Lynch a.k.a beast mode in the backfield all they had to do was execute a run play, but instead reacted to the defense they knew they were going to run. I may have not been in the game, but I have been in a similar situation with my high school football team falling short 3 years in a row of advancing to second round playoffs.

You are entirely responsible for how you react towards circumstances, if you want to prevail you must not overthink. You will become unhappy and un-stable, making it even harder for you to accomplish your desires in life.

5 ways to avoid overthinking:

1. Eliminate the urge of thinking negative 

2. Establish a positive attitude 

3. Fall in love with failure

4. Understand that the right time to get things done does not exist 

5. Accept all possible outcomes 

Overthinking can happen to anyone. But if you figure out a solution you will eliminate the negative, anxious, stressful thinking and turn them into something useful, productive, and effective.

A definite formula to helping you succeed.

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