How you can overcome the algorithm changes for instagram

As you probably already know, instagram’s has made another update on their algorithms. Im sure many of you may think you have cracked the old instagram code… but news flash, things are about to get a little more interesting!

Only a couple weeks into the new year, and 2018 is not looking so good for many that are trying to grow massive exposure on the platform. I know many of you do a lot of awesome things on the platform and want to help you out. Below are some strategies that can be useful until changes are made once again and of course you will have to come back here and find out more.


When posting, keep in mind that the new changes are only going to expose you to 10% of your followers which means the remaining have a less likely chance of viewing your content unless it gains massive attention right when you post.

Why did they do this? Simple, people were finding ways to cheat the system to boost for engagement and it wasn’t fair to others. One of the strong reasons why some people were experiencing the curse of the shadow ban that I talked about in an earlier blog.

Solution: Tell your followers to turn post notifications on to ensure that they never miss out on anything that you post. If you are a legitimate business or someone that’s trying to grow a brand, you need to switch over to a business account as this gives you more leverage.


Understand that Instagram wants you to stay on their platform for an even longer duration. With the update they have enforced on us all, a few things you need to know is that lacking engagement on your post will also decrease your post visibility.

Why did they do this? To much spam! and I’m not talking about the canned meat. Last year,  I noticed a lot of heavy spamming on accounts and truthfully I am guilty of it as well. It was almost hard to differentiate between computer bots and humans. There were so many comments like “Good post” “Nice Shot” “Love this” “Awesome bro” and most of all the overuse of emojis on other people’s posts. It was hard to determine whether or not the user had authentic engagement at all.

Solution: For any user, you need to be able to engage on your post within the first 60 minutes. Also, when making comments on other peoples accounts you must now have 4 or more words this way you can tell who’s real and who’s not.


Okay this is where many of you need to pay attention. In the last years or so, Instagram was nice enough to let us gain exposure on using 30 hashtags to gain more reach but fortunately this to is going to shock many of you. This is no longer acceptable.

Why did they do this? The huge number of people were misusing the purpose of the hashtags. It was so unorganized and looked really spammy. This was also causing a lot of people to become shadow banned (view shadow ban blog). Also, the strategy of using hashtags in the comments was not cool.


  • Limit your hashtag usage
  • Only use 5 KEY hashtags
  • Use popular hashtags (pick ones that don’t already have a ton of posts)
  • Do not edit your caption for 24 hours

All in all, your content won’t be affected if you learn to adapt to these new changes. Keep creating posts people love and everything will be okay. I thank you all for taking the time to read and be sure to share this blog, follow me on instagram as well as my hashtag #WinWithEO 



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